Inlays : Fabrication And Their Benefits
what are dental inlays? Inlays in dentistry are a form of indirect restorations or fillings used when the back teeth are too damaged to support a basic filling, but not so severely...
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teeth whitening treatments
Teeth Whitening Treatments  
Teeth whitening treatments are cosmetic procedures to whiten teeth by removal of stains or discolouration of teeth to restore their natural color. Whitening treatments are the simplest...
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in office bleaching
In Office Bleaching - Procedure And Its Side- Effects
In office bleaching and other bleaching methods are the simplest and inexpensive way to whiten the teeth and improve your smile. Other treatments include crown, veneers, macroabrasion...
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Amalgam and composite fillings
Pros and Cons Of Amalgam And composite fillings: Which is better?
Amalgam and composite fillings are the most widely used direct filling materials by dentists to restore teeth. Direct fillings are the fillings where the material is mixed at the chair...
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composite fillings
Composite fillings: Composition, Types And Procedure
Composite fillings are the tooth-coloured fillings given in the teeth that show signs and symptoms of tooth decay. They are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile...
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how old do you have to get braces
How Old Do You Have To Get Braces?
Braces are placed on teeth to straighten them. There are several reasons to seek orthodontic treatment.  Aesthetics, speech, breathing or chewing problems are the on the commonest....
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